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Maggie Maylin        0434 575 610
Hypnotherapy Brisbane
Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling
West End, Brisbane

Available now for face to face or online sessions

Telecounselling and Telehypnotherapy
If you are unwell and unable to leave your home appointments are available over the internet

As a specialist Trauma Counsellor I am able to work with you in a trauma informed manner to deal with whatever is arising for you.  We can just talk or also use hypnosis to take you to a place of deep relaxation.

Hypnosis to:
Improve Motivation or Sleep,
Reduce Anxiety, Stress or Depression
Quit Smoking and/or Alcohol
Manage Fears, Compulsive Behaviours, Habits,
Deal with Addictions, Weight Loss, Phobias, Trauma
PH: 0434 575 610
Clinic - 376 Montague Road West End, Brisbane

Hypnotherapy & Counselling Brisbane        

Is Hypnotherapy for me?

Have I had enough of trying to manage traumatic or difficult situations in my life?

Am I ready to create changes in my life? 

Do I have an addiction, behaviour pattern, weight issue, anxiety, stress or compulsion that is getting in the way of my life?

Am I overwhelmed and not sure of what to do? 

Am I struggling with a current or old relationship?

Am I having difficulties focusing, concentrating and getting the results I want?

If these questions relate to you, then you may be ready for hypnotherapy. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy & Counselling

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Why use Hypnotherapy?

It's drug-free, safe and can creates rapid change.  It enables you to work with your strengths, not against them, by discovering the underlying causes of the behaviours you're wanting to change.  It enables you to let go of those recurring negative thoughts and shift the self into a more positive way of relating to the self and others. 

Challenges may come in many different forms - drinking too much, smoking, procrastination.  Or perhaps lack of motivation with loosing weight, exercise or managing a difficult relationship.  Others may be looking to create a deeper, more meaningful life.  You know that feeling - you have everything but are still not happy. 

At my clinic in West End, Brisbane, we work together to get at those underlying causes of the discomfort you're experiencing and do something about them with hypnosis.

As a fully qualified trauma counsellor and hypnotherapist with many years of experience you will be guided to achieve the outcomes you'd like in your life. 

Experience and qualifications

Post graduate qualifications in Counselling
Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist (AACHP)
Registered Supervisor of Certified and Clinical Hypnotherapists (AACHP)
Vice-President of Australia Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Registered Counsellor and Supervisor of Counsellors (ACA)
Specialist Trauma Counselling

Affiliations and Memberships

Hypnotherapy Council Association Register
Australian Counselling Association
ACA College of Supervisors
Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Institute of Group Leaders

When you book an appointment for hypnotherapy or counselling you can be assured you are in good hands.  I bring a depth of experience from both hypnotherapy and counselling.  Having an extensive 30 year career in working with people, counselling and hypnotherapy, I now provide supervision and support to newer hypnotherapists and counsellors.  My position as vice-president with a national hypnotherapy association allows me to contribute to the professionalisation of hypnotherapy in Australia. 

My clinic is in West End, Brisbane and is accessible by public transport on Montague Road.  There is also car parking available. 

Motivated and ready for change but not sure what to do?
If you are at the point where 'enough is enough' and you are really over the particular issue you have been trying to manage, then you're ready for hypnotherapy.  You may want to stop  smoking, let go of alcohol, manage that stress and anxiety or start that weight loss. 

Whatever the issue, the foundation of our choices and behaviours lie in our subconscious mind. Those reasons or choices can be difficult to access with our rational, logical mind but still drive and direct many of the decisions we make, some good and some not so good.  

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy. 
The therapy is designed to access and unearth those subconscious drivers, allowing you to release them under hypnosis and replace unwanted behaviours with the shifts and changes you would like to see in your life. The hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to ease these shifts into place. 

What can I use hypnotherapy for?
We all have habits and behaviours created over many years.  Hypnotherapy can be effective in managing areas to do with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, smoking, weight loss, alcohol, performance, pain, gambling.
It may be that you are eating, drinking, smoking or resorting to drugs to manage some deeper seated feelings.  The best way to ensure these habits, responses and forms of self medication are dealt with effectively is to manage the drivers behind them. Hypnotherapy is about life change.
As an experienced and qualified trauma counsellor (ACA registered) and hypnotherapist (AACHP registered) with over 30 years of practice in working with people, I am able to guide you through a process which  supports you to create the life you would like to have. Click on the tabs below to take you directly to your specific concern.

       √  Stop Smoking
       √  Hypnosis for Weight Loss
       √  Manage Pain
       √  Reduce Anxiety & Stress
       √  Improve Sleep
       √  Improve relationships
       √  Improve Performance
       √  Stop Gambling

If this is the first time you have considered hypnotherapy or hypnosis to manage some aspects of your life that are not working so well please look around this site and watch my video to gain an insight into the ways in which I am able to work with you.

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376 Montague Road, West End 4101

Can hypnosis and hypnotherapy help?
There are many studies which indicate hypnotherapy can be effective in helping change patterns of behaviour.  Many of those deeper emotional blocks and barriers to change may lie deep within that subconscious mind. Hypnosis may allow access to that part of the mind to create lasting change.

If this is the first time you have considered hypnotherapy or hypnosis to manage some aspects of your life that are not working so well please look around this site and watch my video to gain an insight into the ways in which I am able to work with you. 

Decide what change you would like to achieve and contact me to determine if hypnotherapy is suitable for you

If you would like to know more about Hypnosis please contact me at my West End, Brisbane Hypnotherapy and Counselling Clinic for an obligation free phone consultation.  Ask me all of those questions going around in that head and find out for yourself if Hypnotherapy is for you. 

Whilst I am unable to offer guarantees, please read my google reviews for others' experiences of my particular style of hypnotherapy.    

PH: 0434 575 610
or email me at:

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