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Letting go of Alcohol with Hypnosis and Counselling

Are you beginning to feel that you are drinking too much and would like to do something about it .....but not sure what?  Are you concerned you are becoming dependant on alcohol to relax you or lift that mood?

Whatever type of drinker you are, if you feel it is excessive then hypnotherapy and counselling may help to reduce that alcohol consumption or allow you to take back control.

Through my years of experience I have developed a highly effective and effective program which enables you to take back control in your life. Using hypnosis it may be possible to shift thought patterns and habits to let go of that drinking and enable you to either eliminate or moderate your alcohol consumption.  A new habit, may be established enabling you to have a healthier relationship with alcohol or to let it go completely.  Any physical symptoms around letting go of the alcohol may be managed with substitute or distraction techniques.

Are you one of those people who tends to 'drown their sorrows' or push down past experiences with alcohol?
I take time with you to find out why you have felt the need drink and resolve those feelings and thoughts which have fuelled the alcohol consumption.  This approach may create confidence in knowing that the reasons behind the drinking are no longer there.

Whilst I am unable to offer guarantees, please read my google reviews of others' experiences of the hypnotherapy I have to offer.