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Number of Visits:


The number of visits required for successful hypnotherapy will vary according to your issue and presenting symptoms.  The one aspect which affects the number of sessions is motivation.  The more motivated a person is, the less sessions they need to bring about a significant change in their lives.  If there are deep seated underlying causes several sessions may be required.   I aim to be flexible in my approach to your treatment and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes for permanent change. 



West End, Brisbane Clinic: Montague Road, West End, 4101. 



Individual Hypnotherapy sessions:  1 - 1.5 hrs                                            Cost     $160                      

For best results with anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, weight reduction, eating disorders, alcohol  or where there are a number of behaviours you would like to change you may require several sessions, the number depending on the complexity of your situation. 


Individual Counselling Sessions  90 mins                                                Cost   $160


Individual Counselling Supervision Sessions 60 mins                             Cost $90


It is usual practice to provide a minimum of 24 hours for a cancellation or change of an appointment.  If you provide less than this, I will need to charge you a booking fee of $70.  If you do not cancel and fail to turn up for your appointment I will need to charge you for the full price of your session.

Up to 15 minute phone consultation to assess your situation                                FREE

Please call 07 3122 6833 or 0434 575 610 to make an appointment or discuss you Hypnotherapy and Counselling needs.


New Clients?

Please feel free to call me to discuss your situation to determine if Hypnotherapy is the appropriate treatment for you.  Whilst Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of issues, some underlying or medical issues may need treatment first or alongside your hypnotherapy sessions.  If you have any medical issues you are unsure about, please contact your doctor for advice.  

Some of My Previous Clients:

I have treated a wide range of clients over many years.  The following are comments made in their follow up sessions:

Weight Loss:
I can't believe it.  For the first time in 10 years I have been able to walk past the chocolate aisle in the supermarket and not wanted to pick up anything. 

I have no idea how this works.  It just works. As soon as I started the breathing the tingling stopped.

No it hasn't worked, but I have this compulsion to clean up before I go to bed

Pain Management:
I need to come and see you for another session.  It was great, I had no pain for 3 weeks and then it suddenly started.  It might have been after I did a heavy work out in the gym.