Finding a therapist is easy.  Finding the 'right' therapist can be harder.  

There are many people working in alternative therapies.  Some are more suitable for certain conditions than others.  Whatever the issue, the first step is to have your condition checked by a medical doctor to ensure you are receiving appropriate health treatment.  Alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy work well in conjunction with medical treatments to support areas around smoking, addictions, anxiety, weight loss, pain management, improved sleeping and performance.

When looking for a hypnotherapist, ensure they belong to a reputable organisation.  All therapists listed on the Australian National Hypnotherapy (see link under affiliations) are required to show evidence of their training and membership to a registered hypnotherapy organisation.  

An individual's suitability for hypnosis may vary according to the issues.  Like any other modality, there can never be a guarantee around outcomes.  No therapist is able to predict outcomes as the ability to enter the hypnotic state is dependant on the level of trust and rapport you are able to build with the therapist. It is therefore important to ask all of those questions you have in that head so you are able to relax into the process.

Calling the Hypnotherapist:
Once you have decided on someone you may want to visit, give them a call to discuss your situation.  Most therapists are happy to talk to you and many of them will refer you on if either your condition falls out of their area of expertise or is not suited to hypnotherapy.  If you feel comfortable with the person you are talking to and feel confident in their knowledge and expertise around your area of concern, check out their costs remembering to ask them how many sessions may be required.  Generally people notice a difference after one session but it may take more sessions to ensure on-going success.  

  Please feel free to call me for a no obligation discussion on your area of concern.

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