Pain Management

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What is Chronic Pain
Pain is an unpleasant experience and is a message to the body that all is not well and something is happening in the body.   It may be something we have had for a while, that comes and goes or is persistent.  It could be chronic back pain, arthritis or nerve pain, to name a few.  Different types of pain require different approaches.  It is important to obtain appropriate medical advice regarding pain as it may be a warning of an illness that requires medical intervention.

Chronic Pain and Hypnotherapy
There are times when a diagnosis has been obtained and pain persists, interfering with your quality of life.  It may be you are restricted with taking pain relieving medication - or prefer not to resort to medication.  If this is the case, then pain management hypnotherapy may be the answer.  In hypnotherapy your particular condition is looked at in detail and a treatment plan designed to deal with that pain.

How Hypnotherapy works for Pain Management
There are 2 stages to the treatment of pain with Hypnotherapy.  The first is the therapy.  This is were your pain is explored -  when and why it started, what has been done so far, what has been affective and what has aggravated your condition.  We also look at  times when you were pain free and how this feels. 

The second stage is the hypnosis.  Here you are put into a relaxed state in order to work with the subconscious mind to achieve results.  The subconscious mind is the gatekeeper for those deeper, more automatic processes which occur in the mind and the body.  By accessing the subconscious mind, it is possible to control and moderate the processes or feelings occurring in the body to reduce pain and symptoms. You learn how to control the pain.

Hypnotherapy has been found to be effective in managing a wide variety of pain including:

Phantom Limb Pain
Post Operative pain

as well as pain associated with disorders such as MS and cancer.

The last 20 years has seen an increase in research around pain management and hypnotherapy with some interesting results, indicating that hypnotherapy is effective in the management of pain. Using 18 studies to draw conclusions on the effectiveness of hypnotherpy for pain management it was found hypnotherapy:

 "revealed a moderate to large hypnoanalgesic effect, supporting the efficacy of hypnotic techniques for pain          management. The results also indicated that hypnotic suggestion was equally effective in reducing both clinical and experimental pain. The overall results suggest broader application of hypnoanalgesic techniques with pain patients. of pain management"  (Montgomery, Duhamel, Redd 2000)

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Clinical applications for pain management
Whilst this research was conducted some time ago, it demonstrates the effectiveness of pain management in a clinical setting:

Research around the clinical utility of hypnosis for controlling pain was undertaken by Patterson, David R.; Everett, John J.; Burns, G. Leonard; Marvin, Janet A in 1992.  They studied the levels of pain of patients being treated with burn wounds.   "30 hospitalized burn patients and their nurses submitted visual analog scales (VASs) for pain during 2 consecutive daily wound debridements. On the 1st day, patients and nurses submitted baseline VAS ratings. Before the next day's wound debridement, the patients received hypnosis, attention and information, or no treatment. Only hypnotized patients reported significant pain reductions relative to pretreatment baseline. This result was corroborated by nurse VAS ratings. Findings indicate that hypnosis is a viable adjunct treatment for burn pain."

Hypnosis for the treatment of burn pain.
Patterson, David R.; Everett, John J.; Burns, G. Leonard; Marvin, Janet A.
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol 60(5), Oct 1992, 713-717.

Results are variable, depending on the levels of motivation and no guarantees are offered.  Read my google reviews for others' experiences hypnotherapy.