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Life is challenging because... that's life.  It's what it does to enable us to grow and develop.  Sometimes, however, the challenges may appear too big or just overwhelming.  It's at these times it's good to look at what's happening (or not happening) and find a way to unstick the self from the situation it has gotten itself into. 

In working with me, you will be guided through the minefield of the mind to untangle the knots those thoughts can tie you in. 

If you have something worrying you but not able to identify what the problem is or unable to move on from it, talking about it can bring the worry into focus and enable you to name it.  Using language to name and identify brings the unseen into the seen.  Sometimes just the seeing allows it to dissolve as you let go. 

Just know, you're not alone in this.  You just think you are.  If you have a 'problem' there are many others with very similar problems.  The only difference between them and you is that you've decided you've had enough and want to do something about it. 

If you would like to explore counselling, please give me a call to discuss your situation and if counselling is appropriate for you. It is also possible to use a mix of counselling and hypnosis.