Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Hypnosis and Counselling

General over eating or poor eating habits
With our busy and often sedentary lifestyles, it can be hard to keep those extra kilos away.  Pushed for time we may find we snack on fattening foods and then are too full to eat a healthy dinner (or maybe the dinner is eaten as well!).  Hypnotherapy for weight loss can support your willingness to eat healthy foods whilst reducing your tastes for those things we love to eat and know we shouldn't.  

And what about the self esteem or depression once those clothes no longer fit?  Makes you want to eat more?  You have the opportunity to stop this process in its tracks if you are willing.  These feelings may be create a spiral with your eating patterns and behaviours.   The more weight you gain the unhappier you feel and the more you eat.

Emotional Eating
Do you eat when you are unhappy or bored?  This is called emotional eating and has become a habit or pattern.  Hypnotherapy for weight loss is able to work with you to manage those emotions enabling those habits to be dealt with to channel that response into a more proactive avenue.  I am able to to provide the tools to support your weight loss if bring your commitment and motivation. 

Trauma and Food
Perhaps the eating is related to trauma or a bad experience you have had.  I have found, through my work with clients, once the cause or experience is managed, the weight tends to fall away.  It is almost as if the weight is being used as a protective layer or barrier between your self and other people.  Remove the need for the protection and the reason for the weight no longer exists.  As an experienced and qualified Counsellor I am able to support the letting of past trauma enabling you to have the life you know if waiting for you.

Bulimia and anorexia are life threatening disorders and need to be managed through a range of modalities.  Hypnotherapy is a useful tool in these circumstances to work with the anxiety and depression which surrounds these illnesses, uncovering the reasons for the disorder.  Through my experience as a trauma qualified and trauma informed counsellor I'm able to safely and easily move you through these conditions without any re-traumatisation.

Whilst there are never any guarantees, it is very likely you will experience a difference to your relationship with food after the first session.  It may take several sessions to ensure positive behaviours are maintained for weight reduction, especially if work is required to deal with deep seated emotional issues.

Whilst I am able to offer no guarantees, please read  my google reviews for others' experiences of hypnotherapy.