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 Quit Smoking Hypnosis

If you're looking at this page you have probably been thinking for a while about quitting smoking with hypnosis.  You may have tried a few different approaches - patches, gum, will power but are still smoking.  So what happened?  Why didn't these other tactics work?  

Unless the underlying motivations, ideas and thoughts which lay in the subconscious are addressed and brought in to line with that rational mind, you may well be fighting against yourself. My approach in quitting smoking with hypnotherapy creates a whole-hearted stance within the mind to beat that habit with minimal cravings and withdrawals. 

If you want to be a non-smoker then Hypnotherapy may be for you.  All that you need to bring to the session is your motivation and desire to be a non-smoker. 

The sessions:
Each session lasts about 90 minutes and is individually tailored to your particular circumstances.  Nobody is alike.  Smokers all have their favourite places and times to smoke and all smoke for different reasons.  Through discussion, the reasons that you smoke and that keep you a smoker are examined and used in the hypnosis session.   


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As every body is an individual, results may vary from person to person. 

Smoking is not a rational decision. It's about habit and addiction  

How much is it costing you? 1 packet a day costs around $150 each week.

Is it affecting your health?

You may have been smoking for a long time but it's never too late to stop.  It takes up to 7 years for all the cells in your body to regenerate. 

Preparing for Hypnosis

In hypnosis you are put into a trance
This is something we do normally and naturally ourselves when daydreaming or on that point of waking and sleeping.  You will feel totally relaxed and comfortable but at the same time totally attentive and focused on my voice. 

Your rational concsious mind will be distracted and busy while I talk to that subconscious mind to address this habit that become such a part of your routine you probably aren't even aware sometimes when you're lighting that cigarette. 

You are in control at all times and will have worked with me to decide what it is you want to change in that subconscious and what you will replace that smoking with.